Producing higher quality iron ore efficiently: New white paper demonstrates case for wet processing using innovative washing technology

Media release from 2015-07-15

Leading minerals processing technology provider, Haver Australia, has launched a white paper at today’s Iron Ore 2015 Conference revealing the results of its feasibility study into iron ore washing (scrubbing) with its innovative Hydro-Clean high pressure washing system. 

  • Haver Australia launches white paper at Iron Ore 2015 conference revealing results of its feasibility study into iron ore washing with its innovative Hydro-Clean washing system.
  • Hydro-Clean demonstrates capability to produce higher quality iron ore using less power and water, than traditional washing systems
  • Offers a solution to miners struggling with high operating costs and lower iron ore prices.

The case for wet processing iron ore

Producers of primary resources such as iron ore are facing the challenge of processing crude materials with increasing levels of impurities. These lower grade deposits often require advanced processing such as washing, separation and concentrating, which result in a significant increase in water usage, power consumption and operating costs. Given the remote locations of most operations in Australia, the required volumes of power and fresh water for wet processing can be very difficult to achieve.

Further, iron ore producers with high mine operating costs may suffer where iron ore price are low. Advanced processing, particularly washing, can be the key to upgrading ore to earn more per shipped tonne.

Depending on the ore type, quality and its degree of degradation, a washing and classifying plant can increase the iron content by 2 to 5%, while reducing the silica, alumina, titanium oxide, sulphur and phosphorous content through removal of fine material below 0.063mm. Decreasing the alumina content, for example, has the advantage of reducing the blast furnace coke consumption level, while increasing the productivity and reducing the consumption of flux.

The case for wet processing iron ore with Hydro-Clean

The feasibility study revealed the following key results when a scrubber drum was compared with HAVER’s Hydro-Clean for iron ore washing: 

  • Reduced OPEX: Washing iron ore with Hydro-Clean reduced water use by approximately 50% and energy use by approximately 10%, when compared to the scrubber drum.
  • Higher quality product: This innovative cleaning capability allows operators to sell higher-quality products at a premium price and create new products from previously unsellable material.
  • Increased flexibility, reduced CAPEX: The compact and modular design of the Hydro-Clean allows the construction of semi-mobile and fully-mobile plants, or reduces required steelworks for a stationary plant.

Hydro-Clean® is a proven technology already in operation at mineral processing sites around the world.

Since its launch in Australia, HAVER has been demonstrating the benefits of Hydro-Clean® by running client feasibility tests on various commodities at its Malaga test facility.

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