The latest in Pelletising Technology by Haver Australia

Haver Australia has developed one of the latest pieces of equipment in pelletising technology called the Scarabaeus. This technology takes into consideration the twenty-first century challenges that the mining sector faces, which include process efficiency, cost reduction, the need for advanced technologies, zero waste targets to decrease the environmental impact and increasing sustainability.

“Pelletising technology is well known in the mining industry as it is used to convert fine grain concentrate from the beneficiation plant into a lumpy product so called pellets to feed blast or direct reduction furnaces,”Business Development Manager Steffen Silge explains.

“There are different ways to produce pellets from fines, but the most efficient way is to use a pelletising disc as the return loads and recycling rates are significantly less in comparison to a drum due to the segregation effect a disc has.Therefore, there are several economic advantages just by using a disc instead of a drum,” he says.


The Scarabaeus pelletising disc drive technology is always tailored to the client’s application and location needs. There are several drive trains available as standard drive trains with asynchronous motors and planetary gearbox, as well as direct drive technology with synchronous motors. These have the potential to save energy, maintenance costs and are environmentally friendly.

The Scarabaeus pelletising disc consists of a rotating, inclined flat cylindrical pan mounted in a heavy-duty frame and accelerated by a drive train. The material feed into the rotation pan is pulled along into rotation direction and forms balls while adding liquid binding agents like water.Due to the segregation effect the produced pellets getting discharged in a narrow grain size distribution.

The Scarabaeus pelletising disc guarantees the best process flexibility, highest capacity and greatest operation comfort due to its automatic adjustment parameters as rotation speed, inclination and sidewall heights, to set the best parameter combination for a continuous production of a high quality product.

“Customers are able to specify their individual needs and create a specific pellet size by adjusting variables of speed and inclination during operation as well as sidewall height,” Mr Silge says.

It is equipped with adjustable water spray points to find the best spray spot and easy adjustable scrapers to build up the appropriate bottom layer and material flow direction to speed up the commissioning and optimisation process.

“Ultimately, this product works to create value from a previously worthless substance to create revenue for your business while minimising waste and its impact on the environment,” Mr Silge says.

“In addition to the large iron ore concentrate pelletisers, we have discs running in recycling processes and are working on several development projects in coal, aluminium, hard rock fines, cement and gold to use residuals as a product again.”

Additional peripheral equipment can be included in the delivery of the Scarabaeus pelletising discs and transform it into a one hand solution with pan hood to minimise dust emission, as well as a closed, forced oil lubrication circuit or open grease lubrication systems for the roller bearing and the drive train.

Meanwhile, there is also an advanced water dosing technology for one or more binders and a complete control system to minimise interfaces, while ensuring the operation is safe.

The team at Haver Australia can also carry out a feasibility study and pilot test for clients to develop an individual pelletising process route including dosing and mixing technology, while adapting the machine design by the applications task.

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