New vibration analysis service to maximise productivity in mineral processing

HAVER Australia introduces new vibration analysis service to maximise productivity in mineral processing

Mineral processing technology provider, HAVER Australia, has introduced a new vibration analysis service program that enables mining and aggregate companies to test and optimise the performance of their vibrating screens, thereby enhancing productivity in their mineral processing operations.

The new service, known as ‘Pulse’ was developed by HAVER Australia’s sister company in Canada, Haver & Boecker (formerly W.S. Tyler) – a leading global mineral processing technology developer. W.S. Tyler processing equipment is in use at mineral processing operations across Australia.

Pulse monitors the health of vibrating screens to ensure optimum screening performance and equipment durability.

The system consists of an industrial-grade tablet computer that uses wireless technology to connect with sensors attached to key areas on the screening machine. The sensors send 24 channels of data to the tablet to immediately illustrate the machine’s orbit, acceleration, deviations and more.

Beyond the real-time view on the screen, all of the information from the sensors can be electronically stored in the database for an easily-accessible historical overview of the machine. The information can be downloaded online in two report formats including recommendations for improvement.

The Orbit Report provides a visual of orbit and wave form, as well as data about acceleration, stroke, speed and phase angle. Fast Fourier transformation, or FFT, plots are processed by the software for values for three channels of data for each measuring point. The Tuning Report extrapolates deviations between measurement points while providing recommendations on balance, acceleration, stroke and speed. It provides feed and discharge analysis as well as diagonal measurements.

If the results of the test are good, the client has reassurance that the machine is healthy. If improvements are required, a service call is scheduled for a HAVER technician to examine the machine in person.

The system was developed to be easy to operate and components were specifically chosen and engineered for the harsh environments where screening takes place.

“We know that Pulse has the potential to significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of our mineral processing customers as well as others in the processing chain,” said HAVER Australia Technical Manager Dominik Vennewald.

“Changing screen media products, unbalanced machines, and machine damage that is undetectable to the eye are some of the key contributing factors to machine wear and damage and inefficient operations. By partnering with our customers through the Pulse service program, we can regularly monitoring the health of the machine and identify any problems early on. The program can significantly extend service intervals and improve performance. Ultimately, this minimises downtime and maximises productivity and profits,” he said.

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