New Team Member Joins HAVER AUSTRALIA

Haver Australia recently extended its service team by welcoming Service Technician Genesis Hale Dayo.

His role as Service Technician involves the installation and maintenance of complete packing plants and mineral processing equipment, as well as documenting and reporting. His responsibilities also include the training of clients’ personnel after plant start-ups.

“I am looking forward to using my expertise working with Haver Australia to continue in improving equipment efficiency, so that we can provide the best possible products and services to our customers,” Hale Dayo says.

As an electronics engineer and instrumentation technician, his primary work experience focuses on maintaining, troubleshooting and improving capability of automated handling and inspection machine.

“I believe that I have the required skills through my previous work experience to be able to add value to the team at Haver Australia as a Service Technician. It’s great to work for a company that is a global leader in mineral processing and packing technology with more than 125 years of experience in the industry.”

In addition to his previous experience, Genesis undertook extensive training in Germany before taking-up his new role. “The training in Germany equipped me with theory and practical knowledge about the assemblies of the ROTO-PACKER® and INTEGRA® machine starting from the smallest unit of its parts, to its sub-assemblies, to building its full mechanical and electrical parts into a complete system,” he says.

“I was also trained on the most important part of the machine, the HAVER MEC® 4. This is not only a weighing system that Haver uses to get the precise weights of the products after filling the product into its bags – but an all in one operating system that combines a weighing and PLC system.”

Meanwhile, some of Genesis’ career highlight includes working in the semiconductor manufacturing industry as preventive maintenance technician at Analog Device Inc.

“Through the experience that Genesis brings with him, we have won a valuable employee. Haver Australia is pleased to extend the service team to be able to service our clients even better and more efficient,” General Manager Gabriela Emanuele says.

The team at Haver Australia is looking forward to having Genesis on the team and for the skills and experience he has to offer.

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