New precision weight, maintenance-free filling system for big bags

HAVER & BOECKER Australia has released the latest version of its ELEMENTRA big bag filling system, responding to demand from the construction, chemicals and foodstuffs industries for a precision weight, maintenance free, customisable and operator-friendly packaging system for loose bulk materials.

Precision weighing and filling

The new ELEMENTRA EGF features HAVER & BOECKER’s MEC 4.0 weighing system which not only serves as a scale but a configurable control point for the complete packing system. It delivers ideal weights and ensures that product is never wasted.

The filling spout can be sealed with an inflatable sleeve and a counter-pressure ring, providing a completely sealed-off product path for cleaner filling without product loss.

Maintenance-free belt-drive

The EGF’s greatest technical innovation is its double-belt drive which replaces the mechanical chain drive. Engineered from a special plastic, the new drive prevents machine stoppages by greatly reducing wear and removing the need for greasing – a key advantage for the food industry to avoid contamination from lubricants. It also meets explosion protection standards.

Modular, customisable design

Another key feature of the revamped system is its improved modularity which allows manufacturers of any size to customise a solution to meet their requirements.

The design enables easy expansion, integration with existing production and packing lines, and the configuration of different dosing units. Modular components include filling spouts that can be swiveled, different dosing units, inflatable sleeves, hooks (rigid, rotatable or replaceable, instead of a carrying arm), movable filling head or conveyor unit, vibration base and conveying system.

Operator-friendly design

To provide optimum, intuitive operation the system is equipped with a large touchscreen panel which displays all functions and diagnostics with just the touch of a finger. The system can be equipped with the HAVERquattro Monitoring System for constant online transmission of performance data.

All variants of the HAVER filling technology were tested by machine builders and have proven themselves in dusty and harsh operating conditions. The ELEMENTRA EGF big bag filling system can fill all large packages - independent of size, material and design.