New plant simulation software for optimising mineral processing operations

Australian mineral processing and quarry operations now have access to the most advanced plant simulation and optimisation software available on the global market – NIAflow – developed by mineral processing technology expert HAVER & BOECKER.

HAVER & BOECKER Australia’s Head of Mineral Processing Technology, Steffen Silge, said: “NIAflow will significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of our mineral processing customers by enabling them to optimise their existing and future processing operations.


“Because we are an equipment developer and manufacturer, not a software company, we have the practical expertise to ensure this technology has the level of functionality and usability that operations require for it to add real value.”

NIAflow supports the user in every engineering phase, from drafting flow diagrams for product pre-calculation to plant start-up and simulating parameter changes. It helps users discover the most efficient configuration for existing equipment, determine the equipment needed to increase production and perform predictive maintenance.

By using NIAflow to simulate the impact of different feed material scenarios on machine capacities, process parameters and product quality measures, issues can be identified before they happen, eliminating future problems.

NIAflow allows users to analyse more than 90 different process equipment pieces, from crushers and vibrating screens to material washers and conveyers. Beyond equipment, the system monitors the operation’s input, output and waste piles. The program calculates the mass and volumetric flow rates as well as the valuable content with machine-specific operating parameters to prevent plant bottlenecks before equipment is in place.

Its intuitive menu control makes it easy for all levels of experience and HAVER & BOECKER provides several levels of training, if needed. These can be group, company or even individual training sessions.

“An accurate mass balance and product quality prediction is a prerequisite for the success of any mine and the subsequent ore preparation process operation. Knowing your costs per tonne of product and identifying ways to reduce this factor is vital,” said Mr Silge.

“We believe NIAflow will serve as a cornerstone in the development of future process engineering projects.

“When paired with other HAVER & BOECKER technology, such as the Pulse vibration analysis software, customers will hold all of the tools they need to optimise process flow and increase productivity and profits.”

The software is available for download on Windows-based systems. The NIAflow Aggregates version is the extensive, full version of the NIAflow simulation software that allows unlimited machine input. NIAflow Mining complements the Aggregates full version, but offers additional equipment options, such as classifying and sorting equipment.

A free basic demo version of NIAflow is available to download at