New Hydro-Clean test facility arrives at HAVER & BOECKER Australia

Australian mineral processing operations now have the opportunity to test out a newer, higher capacity version of HAVER & BOECKER’s innovative Hydro-Clean washing technology with the arrival of a new Hydro-Clean test facility at HAVER & BOECKER Australia’s premises in Malaga, WA.

The Hydro-Clean 350 test unit, a new pilot scale version of the innovative washing system developed by the mineral processing technology expert, will allow clients to test their product at the test facility’s Malaga home or hire it to trial onsite. The system is suitable for a variety of materials including iron ore, bauxite, uranium ore, gold ore, magnesite, mineral sands and aggregates.

HAVER & BOECKER Australia Operations Manager Jan Averhaus said: ‘The Hydro-Clean technology provides a number of advantages over conventional maintenance-intensive washers such as scrubber drums and other tumbling or sheer forces-based systems.

“It’s efficient design uses minimum water and energy to blast away sticky, stubborn grime that even the toughest washers can’t budge while gently handling precious metals and stones. It means cleaner, more valuable product and reduced operating costs.”

The new test unit offers a capacity of up to 20 tonnes per hour enabling clients to test a greater quantity of product and get a better understanding of the system’s capabilities and return on investment. Equipped with measuring equipment such as flowmeters and pressure meters, water consumption can be logged for different material properties.

The Hydro-Clean has a maintenance-friendly and modular design. A full scale unit offers a throughput rate of up to 320 tonnes per hour.

Companies interested in testing product can contact Jan Averhaus at HAVER & BOECKER Australia at j.averhaus(at) or +61 8 6240 6902.