HYDRO-CLEAN™ Mobile Test Plant: Test Before You Invest

Haver Australia’s all new Hydro-Clean™ Mobile Test Plant enables clients to test the Hydro-Clean™ technology at their site before committing to a capital investment.

“The Hydro-Clean™ unit is an innovative, highly effective, environmentally friendly washing system. It has the ability to effectively clean deleterious material from metal ores, coal, industrial minerals and aggregates, while reducing the washing unit’s water consumption by up to 70 per cent, in comparison to traditional washers,” Haver Australia Business Development Manager Steffen Silge says.

Water consumption ranges from 100 – 800 litre per minute (lpm), depending on application and model size. This is significantly lower when compared to traditional washers, which could use up to 3000 lpm. The Mobile Test Plant can process up to 20 tonnes per hour.

“The Mobile Test Plant, allows operators to see first-hand how the Hydro-Clean™ will perform on site,” Mr Silge explains.

Operators can also make adjustments to the settings, for example the pressure intensity level of the machine to ensure that they get the best possible results to suit the needs of their operation.

“Tests completed with the Mobile Plant, using a client’s contaminated material, will accurately determine the effectiveness of the Hydro-Clean™ technology. Clients will receive information about how materials can be upgraded, as well as statistics about how much energy and water can be saved on-site in comparison to other traditional washers,” he says.

“This gives our team and the operator an opportunity to see the results of the liberated material and to determine the potential increase in value.

“The new Mobile Test Plant is completely self-contained to make testing as easy as possible for our customers, and provides results that clearly illustrate how the technology can add value to their operations,“ Mr Silge says.

The high-pressure water liberates the desired material from the clay better and faster than traditional washers.

The Hydro-Clean™ units experience little wear, and has a maintenance friendly design. The stationary, modular and mobile Hydro-Clean™ systems are available in four sizes with varying capacities, the HC350, HC700, HC1000 and HC2000.

For more information, contact the team at Haver Australia or alternatively view the Hydro-Clean™ in action at www.haveraustralia.com.au/videos.

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