Haver Pelletising Technology Converts Fines Into Valuable Product


A Fines Problem

Processing operations like yours often struggle with how to use or dispose of leftover low-grade, low-value fines. Most of these fines fill tailing ponds or create mountainous stockpiles, which increases operational expenses and reduces your bottom line.

Your Profit Opportunity

The Haver Pelletising Disc converts this waste material into a valuable product. Using this large disc of up to 295 inches (7500 mm), fines are mixed inside with a binder (such as bentonite) and an additive that adheres to the material. As the disc rotates at up to 10 rpm, these materials agglomerate into pellets between 0.35 and 0.63 inches (9 and 16 mm) that you can sell as a new product.

Production-Related Benefits

  •     Produces up to 150 tons of uniform pellets per hour
  •     Minimises recirculation loads by up to 20%
  •     Generates millions of dollars in potential additional production revenue
  •     Direct-drive technology reduces energy costs by up to 5%

Advancing A Proven Process

Haver has engineered more efficiency into the pelletising technology that has helped turn waste into profit for years. For a lack of better words, we gave the technology a tune-up. Debuting at bauma 2010, Haver Pelletising Discs are designed to minimise recirculation loads commonly found with traditional pelletising technologies by up to 20%. This results in significant production increases.

The Haver Pelletising Disc also allows operations to automatically adjust the sidewall height between 22 and 35.4 inches (560 and 900 mm)—a patented feature new to your industry. To adapt to your operation’s needs, the following can also be adjusted during operation:

  • Drive speed
  • Angle of inclination (between 45 and 60 degrees)
  • Height of the tungsten carbide scraper
  • Rate at which water is sprayed into the system

In addition to producing more valuable product, the Haver Pelletising Disc will help you cut energy costs. Most pelletising equipment uses a geared mechanical system. Instead, the Haver Pelletising Disc offers a direct-drive technology that works without a gearbox and hydraulic coupling, eliminating the maintenance required for traditional components. The efficiency of the drive minimises energy losses within the system and reduces total energy costs by up to 5%. This can be a large number considering the overall utility consumption of a normal mining or aggregate operation. As a result of the direct drive, the operation can start up with a full material load, allowing for even more production time. To discuss the Haver Pelletising Disc, contact Haver Australia.