HAVER & BOECKER launches next-gen M-CLASS screening machine for fine bulk dry materials

Mineral processing technology expert, HAVER & BOECKER Australia, has launched its next generation NIAGARA® M-CLASS screening machine for the classifying of dry bulk materials such as industrial minerals, foodstuffs and chemical products.

Following a complete overhaul of the original M-CLASS, the next-gen model optimises the features of its predecessor to create an even more efficient and high-performance multiple deck screening machine.

HAVER & BOECKER Australia’s Head of Mineral Processing Technology, Steffen Silge, said:

“The M-CLASS delivers accurate cut size for the classification of up to 11 different product fractions with only one point of transfer for each fraction, making it the optimum solution when it comes to fine and ultrafine particle ranges.

“The new model ensures even more exact screening results while providing a number of additional benefits when it comes to performance and maintenance.”

Features of the new M-CLASS:

  • Screen cloth clogging has been prevented through the extension of the g-force range from 2 g to 4.5 g
  • Frequency and amplitude can be adjusted accordingly, depending on the task at hand
  • Thanks to the machine’s new isolation frame, dynamic loads are reduced to a minimum and vibrations are minimised
  • Ease-of-maintenance is considerably improved by a new type of transversal tensioning. The double screen-frame, which exists in previous models, is no longer needed so the additional cost for a frame tensioning service is redundant. Replacing standard screen cloth now can be done more rapidly and with greater ease by the customer.

In its modular design, the multiple deck screening machine can have a vast screen surface in a space-saving design. The individual screen frames are horizontally stacked above each other and serve to act as the frame of the machine. The ability to later adapt the machine, to increase material throughput for example, is another advantage of its modular design.

The machine is offered in two sizes, 1000mm x 2800mm and 2000mm x 2800mm, whereby the number of screen decks and the technical specifications vary in accordance to the job at hand.

Trials for dimensioning the M-Class are available through the HAVER & BOECKER R&D Centre in Malaga to assure customers of optimum machine layout and design for their specific application.