HAVER & BOECKER Australia to exhibit Behn + Bates packaging solutions at PIX/AMC 2018

HAVER & BOECKER Australia (HAUS), along with its sister company, Behn + Bates, will be exhibiting at PIX/AMC 2018 - the Poultry Information Exchange and Australasian Milling Conference - to be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from Sunday 3rd June to Tuesday 5th June 2018.

The BEHN + BATES INTEGRA® FD for automatic valve bag filling within a dust-tight cabinet

HAVER & BOECKER Australia is the Australian supplier of  Behn + Bates equipment, which specialises in solutions for the food industry. 

Behn + Bates designs, builds and supplies a variety of food-optimised packaging solutions to leading providers of food, animal feed and pet food. The company offers valve bag, open-mouth, FFS and big bag packaging equipment for any type of bulk product or liquid, any type of bag or container, and for manual to fully automatic operations. 

Showcasing innovative solutions

At PIX/AMC, HAVER & BOECKER will showcase the advantages of Behn + Bates’ innovative valve bag packing technologies.

While open mouth bags are most commonly used in Australia, food, animal feed and pet food producers in Europe and America are increasingly opting for customised valve bag packaging technologies due to their easier handling, higher outputs, high weighing accuracies and compact bag shapes with high branding impact.

With Behn + Bates valve bag packing solutions, perfect packing is achieved through high functionality and efficiency, and the clear, space-saving design. Packing can be fully automated with the integration of automatic bag applicators and sealing stations. For a dust-tight bag seal, ultrasonic-sealing stations close the filled bag directly at the filling spout. 

Behn + Bates’ core valve bag technologies include:

  • Behn + Bates INTEGRA® FD: The INTEGRA® FD valve-bag filling system sets standards in cleanliness, low-noise level and efficient installation. It integrates the application, filling and sealing stations in a compact dust-tight cabinet that is completely assembled and cabled prior to delivery.

  • Behn + Bates ROTOSEAL®: For high output applications the ROTOSEAL® system with three to 10 filling spouts is the optimal solution. The filling spouts are mounted on a rotating machine frame meaning less space is required to reach higher packing outputs with more filling spouts. The result is high-quality bag packing at increased hourly rates of up to 2,000 bags.

The full suite of Behn + Bates packaging technologies include:

Valve bag filling:

Manual or automatic valve bag packers - with or without ultrasound sealing station and FRONTLINE® valve bag applicator

INTEGRA® FD for automatic valve bag filling within a dust-tight cabinet

ROTOSEAL® system for high-output valve bag filling

Open-mouth bag filling:

Manual BOH filling machine for powders

Manual NWEDO filling station for granule filling

Automatic TOPLINE® system in powder or granule-optimised variants


FFS bag filling:

ROTO-PACKER® ADAMS ® CARE-LINE® EDITION for powder filling has a new globally-leading and award-winning ultra-hygienic design 

FFS system in different versions for granule filling


Big bag filling








HAVER & BOECKER Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of German-based HAVER & BOECKER Company (www.haverboecker.com), a leading developer and manufacturer of processing and packing technology for minerals, chemicals and building materials industries.

Founded in 1887, HAVER & BOECKER has more than 130 years of experience in supplying innovative solutions worldwide for the processing, storage, mixing, packing, filling, palletising and loading of bulk materials.

Its products are offered through the Group’s seven technology members: Haver & Tyler, IBAU Hamburg, Feige Filling, Sommer, BEHN + BATES, Newtec Bag Palletizing and HAVER & BOECKER.

It is the company’s mission to bring new approaches and technologies to market that set new benchmarks in efficiency and productivity.