HAVER & BOECKER Australia introduces new liner to reduce wear and tear on mineral processing screens

Mineral processing technology developer, HAVER & BOECKER, has launched to the Australian mineral processing market its new innovative liner to reduce wear and tear on vibrating screens.

24 October 2017


HAVER & BOECKER Australia Service and Aftersales Manager Jan Averhaus said: “The cross-beams of a vibrating screen take the brunt of the machine’s vibrating impact and most machines do not come standard with protective cross-beam liners, which means screens are experiencing wear from day one.

“Standard cross-beam protection methods use rubber liners which are adhered directly onto the cross-beam using glue. When screen maintenance is required, removing the rubber and glue is a time-consuming process, resulting in increased downtime.”

Made from polyurethane, Zip Guard offers an alternative solution to glued liners. Developed by HAVER & BOECKER engineers, Zip Guard has been designed to support equipment longevity and minimise maintenance downtime. The polyurethane barrier not only lasts longer and experiences less wear, but inspecting the cross beams for deterioration or cracking is easier than the glue alternative as the liners are simply installed using industrial-strength ties. 

Cross beams and liners should be inspected regularly and if wear is observed, a replacement Zip Guard can be purchased and installed to keep the machine up and running.

Zip Guard is available for all Tyler vibrating screens and can be installed by a certified HAVER & BOECKER technician. 

In addition to Zip Guard, HAVER & BOECKER provides a full range of wear protection solutions to protect the entire screen deck and maximise the life of both the vibrating screen and the screen media.