BEHN + BATES will present exciting new technologies at Anuga Food Tec 2018: From product screening up to readily packaged pallets

The international food industry is developing fantastically. So is the food technology exhibition Anuga FoodTec expecting 1,700 exhibitors in 2018 – and thus an increase of 200 exhibitors in comparison to 2015. Taking place in Cologne, Germany at 3-year intervals, Anuga FoodTec will again open its doors from 20 until 23 March 2018. The daily opening times are from 9 am until 6 pm.

Complete automation systems that can be delivered out of the company group facilitate the realization of complete plants from product screening via product filling up to the readily packaged pallet.

The BEHN + BATES packing machine ROTO-PACKER ADAMS CARE-LINE EDITION revolutionizes the filling of FFS or pre-fabricated open-mouth bags. Its special design featuring minimized dust deposit areas and optimum cleaning possibilities ensures the highest hygienic standard that is available on the markets at present.

Same as the food industry BEHN + BATES is growing as well. Besides innovations in product filling and palletizing, the German food specialist within the HAVER & BOECKER Company will present a diversity of systems for product screening and bulk loading as well as complete packaging automation, that can be supplied out of the company group, for the first time at Anuga FoodTec 2018. BEHN + BATES will display this extensive programme together with its sister companies Feige FILLING, HAVER AUTOMATION, HAVER NIAGARA, IBAU HAMBURG and NEWTEC PALLETIZING on its stand in hall 8.1, stand D030/E021:


HAVER NIAGARA will show the reject screening machine HAVER R-CLASS. The compactly built HAVER R-CLASS has especially been developed for fully automatic screening of bulk products coming from big bags and silo systems. It ensures that no reject or agglomerates get into the final product during packing. Thus, additional inspections are no longer necessary. 
Time is saved. The product flow is not negatively affected. Depending on the project and 
on the product to be processed different wire cloth types are available. In addition, the 
HAVER R-CLASS control sieve can easily be retrofitted in different sections of existing production plants. 

BEHN + BATES will present a manually operated filling module, generated from the brand-new hygienic machine ROTO-PACKER ADAMS CARE-LINE EDITION. The innovative hygienic machine, meeting the constantly increasing demands of the food industry in an optimum way, offers the best possible hygienic standard that is available for filling pre-fabricated open-mouth and FFS bags on the international markets at present. The machine design, featuring minimized dust deposit areas and optimum cleaning possibilities, allows for optimum hygienic conditions. All integrated components are enclosed and reduced to a minimum. There are nearly no open threads or boreholes in the sectional steel frame. Therefore, product dusts cannot accumulate. The inclined machine edges and the rounded machine corners additionally facilitate cleaning and elimination of smaller product dust deposits.

The bag filling process is followed by bag palletizing. NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING will exhibit the new palletizer TERRAM G out of its already known TERRAM palletizer series. The new palletizer has especially been developed to meet the demands of the food industry. It is compact and produces high-quality bag pallets. To form the stacks the filled bags are turned into the right position with the help of a gripper and then pushed onto the so-called double pallet formed by 2 packing plates. The readily formed bag layer is hold tight by lateral plates and transferred to the pallet where it is gently stacked. The TERRAM G offers all advantages of the TERRAM series: compact design, high security and simple maintenance that can be carried out from the ground. Thus, Newtec will present the “most user-friendly palletizer of the world”.

Feige FILLING will show the ELEMENTRA 16 filling machine in a special version. The ELEMENTRA 16 is a pre-configured pivoting pallet filling station with two different scale bases to choose from. This compact Plug & Fill solution equipped for semi-automatic operation is extremely flexible. It can fill cans, drums and IBCs with filling weights from 2.5 up to 1,500 on pallets. It is easy to set up and fulfills highest requirements in daily operations.

The loading chute developed by IBAU HAMBURG, that can also be seen during Anuga FoodTec 2018, is used for the loading of trucks and railcars with many different types of bulk goods, e. g. grain. Its double cone sealing ensures a dust-free loading. The length of the loading chute can easily be adapted depending on the situation at site. 

HAVER AUTOMATION is able to optimize complete production and logistical processes based on the management and control systems that they will present at Anuga FoodTec 2018 and that can be adapted to individual customer requirements. They evaluate production data and calculate key figures thus helping increase the effectiveness of a plant. In addition, HAVER AUTOMATION can supply the complete engineering, process control and power distribution systems as well as the switch and control cabinets and the complete electrical installation thus offering the advantages of minimized interfaces and responsibilities as well as of smooth project processes and realizations.

Considering the tremendous programm BEHN + BATES and its sister companies will, for the first time, present to this extent at Anuga FoodTec 2018, BEHN + BATES feels well prepared for the increasing demands in the world-wide food processing industry. The complete team is looking forward to an exciting exhibition with many international visitors. 

Founded in Krefeld, Germany BEHN + BATES rapidly became known for robust and high quality bag filling machines. In the early stages the focus was on all industries filling their products into bags. However, since being taken over by HAVER & BOECKER, Oelde, Germany, one of the leading packing machine manufacturers, we have specialized in the food, animal feed and pet food industries from the end of the 90s. Today BEHN + BATES is an independently working company within HAVER & BOECKER: It is located in Muenster/Westphalia and has an international sales network in more than 80 countries of the world. International groups of food, animal feed and pet food companies trust in the BEHN + BATES technology, as do small factories.

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