2017 Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminar series: Save resources, Increase value

Following the success in 2015 and 2016 of HAVER & BOECKER Australia’s inaugural Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminar series, the processing experts hold another series in December 2017.

Recognising the need for mineral processing operations around Australia to work smarter, HAVER & BOECKER’s Lunch ’n’ Learn seminars aim to bring our wealth of mineral processing experience to various industry stakeholders to help facilitate innovation, best practice and project optimisation.


2017 participants and program.


In December 2017, we hosted seminars for a range of industry stakeholders from around the country.


The seminars, presented by our in-house specialist Dr.-Ing. Metodi Zlatev, from our Mineral Processing division, focused on up-to-date approaches to the scrubbing and screening process of minerals in the metal, aggregate, fertilizer and recycling industry. 


Dr.-Ing. Metodi Zlatev completed a doctorate in 2005 at the Institute of Mineral Processing Machine – TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. He brings more than 13 years of mineral processing experience. 


About Lunch ‘n’ Learn

A Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminar takes an informal and interactive workshop format. Each seminar is designed to exchange information and ideas, and to initiate collaborative discussions with stakeholders from the mining and mineral processing sectors such as mining companies, engineering consultancies and universities.


The objective is to inspire more innovative approaches to mineral processing to help operations work smarter - particularly in the current environment where efficiency and productivity is more important than ever.


The seminars take place at a venue of the participants’ choice and HAVER & BOECKER provides a delicious lunch of the participants’ choosing!

2018 program


The 2018 program is yet to be finalised but to find out more and register your interest, please contact: 

Deborah Kuenne, kuenne@druckerei-festge.de