Vibration Analysis System aids in greater screen performance

Operations relying on screening as a key component in their value chain are now able to ensure an even greater level of performance and efficiency with Haver Australia’s signature Vibration Analysis System and Vibration Analysis Partnership Program.

The system and program allows for operations to respond quickly and directly to screening data to enhance product quality, improve productivity,reduce unscheduled maintenance and extend screen life, all of which translate to more profitability.

Haver Australia Technical Manager Dominik Vennewald says, that the product was designed with the clear needs of the clients in mind.

“We set out to create vibration analysis options that will positively impact the bottom line for mines and quarries,”
he says.

“Our signature Vibration Analysis is technologically advanced and caters to the unique characteristics of vibrating screens,measuring key parameters including speed, stroke and overall performance. The system pursues the ideal screening performance by collecting data of the current screen performance through the use of eight wireless Bluetooth accelerometers attached to the outside of the vibrating screen and with a hand-held device to collect the data. It then optimises the parameters of the screen in a way that particles can find as many opportunities as possible to pass screen openings.

Further to this, data supplied by the system allows for a more accurate monitoring of screens and the capability to conduct preventative and predicative maintenance.

The collection of data culminates in a detailed, easy to understand report that helps users to better understand the interaction between their feed material, screen media and vibrating screens.

This report offers a translation of the report into complete and easy-to-follow recommendations for improving the tested screens’ performance, maximising screening efficiency and minimising unscheduled downtime.

In conjunction with the system, Haver Australia offers a complete and ongoing Vibration Analysis Partnership Program, which involves certified technicians visiting customer’s site on a regular basis to collect data from the vibrating screens. Customers get immediate feedback and recommendations for the efficiency of their vibrating screens.

This service offering allows for the periodical monitoring of the screen over an extended period of time. The process also creates historical data that customers and Haver Australia can use to evaluate performance over extended periods.

“At Haver, we strive to maintain a presence with our customers that goes beyond just the first transaction,” Mr Vennewald adds.

The company’s signature Vibration Analysis works in conjunction with their innovative Pro-Deck approach, which implements the Vibration Analysis and modification strategy in mining operations to improve screening efficiency.

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