Haver offers an efficient screening alternative

By combining the durability and longevity of polyurethane with the greater open area and cost-effective characteristics of woven wire cloth, the new Ty-Wire screen media from Haver Australia offers a highly efficient screening alternative to traditional screen media.

Because materials and applications vary greatly from one operation to another, 100 % polyurethane or woven wire screen media aren’t necessarily the ideal fit for all.

Characterised by its resilient, low-maintenance qualities, polyurethane is a common screen media choice, but can be very expensive and heavy, while woven wire is productive, yet can fall short of yielding the longevity required in many applications.

A hybrid media blending polyurethane and woven wire into a practical design,the Ty-Wire reduces maintenance costs and enhances product longevity, efficiency and productivity.

Haver Australia Technical Manager Dominik Vennewald says the new design delivers up to 80 percent more open area than modular polyurethane, minimising blinding and virtually eliminating pegging, while increasing screening efficiency and operational uptime.

“Compared to the lifetime of wire cloth,the lifetime of Ty-Wire is roughly six times longer.”

“Featuring a tapered opening design,Ty-Wire releases more near-size material and prevents plugging of material by allowing it to perform as a self-cleaning screen.”

Haver Australia Business Development Manager Steffen Silge says considering the high labour rates and cost of downtime in Australia, Ty-Wire’s long lifetime is important.

“At the end of the day there is more productivity and you don’t have the high change out or downtime costs that can come with traditional wire cloth,” he says.

“Ty-Wire can be a part of the total screen media solution for a client who is facing challenges with open area, anti-pegging, anti-blinding and wear life.

Ty-Wire is compatible with any vibrating screen, available in both tensioned and modular configurations, and requires no deck conversion before installation.

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