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Our fastest installation ever!

In January, Global Cement reported on our fastest installation at Cockburn Cement.

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High performance packing: A rapid solution to improving tile adhesive production rates

Tile adhesive manufacturer SAS Australasia is seeing first-hand the advantages advanced valve bag packing technology can have on production rates and bottom lines.

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Professional Blending of Screen Media Delivers in Quality and Profits

They say good things come in threes. In the case of screening for mining and quarry operations, profit comes in three distinct phases: layered, basic and sharp screening. But how good they are – whether they maximise efficiency and improve the potential for success – depends on having the right screen media on the deck for each of the three phases.

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The cement plant of the future

Making more products, reducing waste and cutting costs in the quarry. “If the Australian cement industry is to move ahead of the world on environmental performance, it must pioneer new technologies.” - The Australian Cement Federation

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Prepare your vibrating screens for a productive 2016

2016 has well and truly begun. Now is the time to ensure your vibrating screen is in top working order for the year to optimise your mineral processing operations. We all know the pace of the industry – there is no time for downtime – so working with an OEM screening specialist is crucial for ensuring equipment efficiency. Be sure to inspect every component regularly - from the feed box to the discharge lip. Trained screening specialists have a keen eye for spotting cracks and wear areas, as well as the knowledge to help get any machine ready for the rest of the year.

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How to diagnose and minimise broken screens

Imagine you’re in the midst of peak production. Material output is at its prime and systems hum along smoothly. But then a section of wire cloth breaks. The operation grinds to a halt until a technician completes the repair. It’s bound to happen at some point, but it will happen less frequently if you know how to read the signs.

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A fast, risk free opportunity to test the benefits of the Hydro-Clean

HAVER & BOECKER’s Hydro-Clean test facility in Malaga offers mining and aggregate companies a fast, risk-free opportunity to trial the washing of challenging minerals and aggregates.

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Six ways to make your mineral processing operation more profitable

Increasingly, miners are realising how more productive and efficient their mineral processing operations can be by investing in the right equipment, programs and services.Here are six key things to consider when you need to improve your bottom line.

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Five new innovations for washing aggregate

Price volatility. Increasing costs. Water restrictions. With odds like these, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to for miners to get the most profits from their mining operations. Thanks to new washing technology, the impact of these stressors on your bottom line can be minimised.

Here are five key washing system innovations to consider when upgrading your equipment.

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The case for wet processing iron ore

Many iron ore producers are facing challenging times; processing crude material with rising levels of impurities and a volatile iron ore price.


Beneficiation, particularly washing (scrubbing), can be the key to upgrading the ore to earn more per shipped tonne.


High-end steel production at a low coke consumption level and a high productivity rate can only be achieved by using high-quality, lumpy iron ore.

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